Chess Champion Delta-1
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The Scisys Chess Champion Delta-1 is  the same model as the Novag version, which is more numerous. With the Chess Champion Pocket Chess, Chess Partner 2000 and Chess Champion Super System III the Delta-1 was one of the chess computers released by both Novag and SciSys. There are similarities between the PCB components of the Delta-1 and those of the Novag Chess Champion Mk I  and it is possible that release of the Delta-1 was held back pending the result of the CompuChess copyright court case and appeal (see SciSys and Novag: The Early Years).

With a current Wiki Active Chess rating of only 698 Elo the Delta-1 props up the Active table. The rating is very close to that of the Novag Chess Champion Mk I  rating of 723 Elo. Therefore the programme could be the same as in the Mk I, or possibly the work of Mike Johnson.

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