Message Boards

The best website Forum and Message Boards dedicated to Chess Computers are :- (German)
Hiarcs Chess Forums (UK)
Chess Computer Corner (German) - Sascha Warnem
ünde (includes Buy/Search/Swap)

and formerly
Ismenio Sousa’s website - (USA)

Smoothered Mate

Smoothered Mate

General Chess Computer Websites

Kurt’s Schachcomputer Homepage (German language) - Kurt Kispert (German) - Michael Völschow and others

Wiki Encyclopaedia at ( - All Articles Index (USA) - Ismenio Sousa
(Dutch + English) - my late friend Tom Luif -
at one time Netherlands largest collection plus charming blogs about chess computers and life in general (French + English) - Alain Zanchetta (Spanish)
- Luis Barona (French + English) (USA) - Nick Milichev (French) - Eric Belot (German - including Ebay auction info) - José Gutiérrez (Dutch) - Luuk Hofman (Dutch) - Hein Veldhuis
(Historical expert and archivist) (USA)
- Maurice Ohayon (Spanish) - Álvaro Benlloch (Dutch) - Computerschaak (Brazilian) - Oswaldo Monteiro (French) - Eric Terrien 
- Peter Haupert

Other Collection Websites

Steve Blincoe’s Photograph Collection (USA) - one of the World’s great collections.
Hein Veldhuis (Dutch) - old webpage on CVSN
Karsten Bauermeister (German) - Listing of one of the World’s great collections.
Tom’s Chess Computer Collection (Australian) - Thomas McBurney
Boris Is King (French Canadian and English) - Daniel Collin

Manuals (by far the best website for English/German/French/Spanish/Dutch manual scans)

Several manufacturers used to have manuals available to download from their websites.
These webites are nearly all long closed and difficult to access even via the Wayback Mahine.
Access is still available to some -
Saitek/Mephisto manuals (use the “Wayback Machine” and this URL -

Novag manuals (use the “Wayback Machine” and this URL -
Then in each case go to the first date in say 2012 and there will appear a lengthy list of manuals which can be downloaded. However nearly all of these will be on Alain Zanchetta’s website already, in some form.

Chess Software

HIARCS (UK company of Mark Uniacke) - PC, Mac and iPhone chess software
Chess Genius (UK company of Richard Lang) - PC, pda and mobile phone chess software

Chess Computer Retailers and “Markets”

Doska (Ken Gorman UK retailer)
Niggemann (German Retailer - all things chess computer)

Part Updated 31st January 2021

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