Chess King Master
Chess King Master  2  20 x 20

Chess King is the only UK company that I am aware of which manufactured chess computers. It was initially to be a joint venture by Computer Games Ltd and Intelligent Software Ltd, but CGL dropped out and Intelligent Software, the company of David Levy and Kevin O’Connell, went it alone with Berkshire electronics manufacturer Adam Cung. Several other well known chess computers were both designed and programmed in the UK, but they were manufactured in Hong Kong. Examples include the Scisys Chess Champion Super System III and Mark V.

The Chess King Master is found in small numbers only. Mainly in the UK, though this one came from Germany and has manuals in English and German. Its features include 32 edge LEDs rather than the normal 16. It contains a version of Richard Lang’s Cyrus program.

In the top photo the Master is signalling a setting of Level 3. The keys are Mark V like and equally inclined to “stick”.


Chess King Master  9  15 x 15
Chess King Master  1  20 x 20
Chess King Master  5  20 x 21
Chess King Master  3  20 x 20
Chess King Master  8  20 x 20

The photo below shows the Chess King Master and Triomphe together for comparison purposes.

Comparing the manuals (left) shows that these two Chess Kings had different programs. In fact the hardware is also different. According to Computer Schach und Spiele (CSS 1/88 Pg 23) the Chess King Master has a Z80 processor and 8KB program ROM, whereas the Triomphe has a 6301 processor and 4KB ROM.


Chess King Master  7  20 x 20


Tabletop - Press Sensory


Z80 cpu   4MHz   8 Bit


8 KB  ROM   1 KB RAM

Opening Book

250 ply


9V   560mA  positive centre


40.7 x 28.7 x 3.3 cm


25.5 x 25.5 cm

King Height

6.5 cm

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