Chess Partner 2000
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The Scisys Chess Partner 2000 is identical to the Novag Chess Partner 2000. For the story of how this came about go to  Scisys and Novag: The Early Years.

The Chess Partner 2000 was only the second Press Sensory chess computer to be produced. The Fidelity Sensory 8 beat it by six months.

Unlike the Sensory 8 the 2000 runs on mains power only. The design is eccentric with the raised plastic ridges between the squares. In some respects the 2000 is superior, particularly the provision of the  display and the piece compartment arrangement. However the Sensory 8 has LEDs on each square to signal moves. The 2000 is reliant on the LED display panel only and requires the Enter key to be pressed to submit the moves. Both machines were aimed at the mass market and were poorly built. The playing program of the Sensory 8 was however a little stronger, and this was an vital factor in sales of chess computers at the time. The Chess Partner 2000 has an enhanced version of the Chess Champion Pocket Chess program, with a small opening book added and an improved endgame.

Sensory 8 won the contest of the early sensory boards and went on to sell half a million ! But the Chess Partner 2000 was also an interesting and innovative chess computer design and sold in healthy numbers in Europe. Examples turn up regularly on Ebay for less than 10.


Tabletop Press Sensory


Fairchild 3850 cpu  2 MHz  8 bit


4KB ROM,  312 bytes RAM

Opening Book

32 ply


7V  350mA  3.5mm plug  positive centre


33.0 x 23.2 x 4.3 cm


20 x 20 cm

King Height

5.0 cm

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