Chess Partner 4000
Chess Partner 4000 1 20x20 Chess Partner 4000 2 20x20
Chess Partner 4000 3 20x20
Chess Partner 4000 4 20x20
Chess Partner 4000 5 20x20


Tabletop - Keypad with LCD display


Hitachi HD44801 singlechip   0.4 MHz   4 Bit


2KB  ROM    64 bytes RAM

Opening Book



1 x 9volt battery    (100 hours)


32.7 x 24.0 x 4.3 cm


20.3 x 20.3 cm

King Height

4.6 cm

Chess Partner 4000 6 10x10

Another mass market machine similar to the Chess Partner 3000. Moves are made via the keypad and move announcements appear on the LCD display. There is no speaker to warn that the machine has moved. The main difference to the 3000 is that the controls are on the right, rather than the left. The levels are set by a slider which is next to the LCD display. According to the manual Level 1 takes 3 to 6 seconds, and Level 12 takes 5 to 20 seconds. So the slider feature is of doubtful practical value.

The pcb is marked MCL-TG01A and appears to be an updated version of the Chess Partner 3000 pcb with a 42 pin single chip which is almost certainly a Hitachi HD 44801.



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