Compuchess Second Edition

The original Compuchess sold well, especially in the USA and in France. We are told in connection with the breach of copyright court case referred to on my webpage “Scisys and Novag: The Early Years” (see appeal notes) that over 2,500 Compuchess machines were sold in 1977. So a Second Edition machine was produced.

For the Compuchess Second Edition the manufacturers claimed
- faster thinking time, especially at levels 5 and 6

- better game strategy
- 1500 programmed positions with various difficulty levels that can be played instead of complete games
- plus two chess variants - the Queen of Amazons game and the Knights game

However computer chess had moved on and the Second Edition did not sell well judged by the numbers found in collections and on Ebay. The Second Edition is found in smaller numbers than the original Compuchess and is quite a rare chess computer today.

Mine came from Switzerland from an Ebay seller who, to stand out from the crowd, sends free chocolate with his sold items. This Second Edition had originally been sold in Switzerland back in the late 1970s.


Compuchess Second Edition  3  20 x 20

Below an advertisement from the MIT journal “The Tech” dated 5th December 1978 offering the now superceded CompuChess I at a discount. There is also a special Student Offer for the new Compuchess Second Edition.

Compuchess Second Edition
Compuchess Second Edition  2  20 x 20
Compuchess Advert in MIT Journal 051279
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