Concord 5 20 x 20
Concord 1 20 x 20


Tabletop - Touch Sensory


0609V171 - SciSys bespoke singlechip
(6301V type)   3.6 MHz   8 bit


4KB ROM   128 byte RAM

Opening Book

150 ply


8V      positive centre
or 4 x AA batteries


28.6 x 23.5 x 2.4 cm


20.1 x 20.1 cm

King Height

4.8 cm

Concord 2 20 x 20
Concord 3 20 x 20
Concord 6 20 x 20

It is quite difficult to find a Scisys Concord. The machine itself looks exactly the same as the Concord II right down to the name printed at the top of the chessboard. As the Concord II was sold in much greater numbers, many people who may think they have a Concord actually have a Concord II. The Concord is reported to run at 3.6 Mhz, whilst the Concord II runs at 7.2 MHz. Unless you are able to test the two together this distinguishing feature is not much help.

The most obvious differences are in the box, the manual and the chess pieces which come with the chess computer. Click here to compare with the Concord II.

The chess pieces are very unusual for a chess computer. They are diecast metal, quite heavy and possibly made of lead. They are accommodated in a distinctive Scisys labelled box.











Concord 4 20 x 20
Concord 7 20 x 20
Concord 8 15 x 15
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