CXG Super Computachess
CXG Super Computachess 7 25 x 25

The CXG Super Computachess must have been intended as a mass market chess computer when announced at  the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1984. This is suggested by it’s design, it’s hardware and the designation given to it CXG 009.  However like some other similar machines production clearly barely commenced before it was abandoned. The reason we can only speculate about. It is similar in this respect to the SciSys Chess Partner 6000 and SciSys Courier V which are also on my Rare list. Perhaps production was quickly switched to its almost identical twin the Multitech CC-009 which appears itself to have been sold in relatively small numbers and in just a few countries in mainland Europe.

The Super Computachess has the same hardware as the CXG Enterprise S, Computachess III and Star Chess with the Hitachi HD6301V1 processor running Kaare Danielsen’s popular 4KB program at around 1.7 MHz clock speed. It’s twin the Multitech CC-009 (also called the Enterprise) has the same hardware and program, and only limited cosmetic differences as the photos (below) of the two machines together show. Strangely despite the low numbers both the Super Computachess and Multitech CC-009 can be found in brown and  blue versions.


CXG Super Computachess 1 15 x 15 CXG Super Computachess 2 15 x 15
CXG Super Computachess 4 15 x 15
CXG Super Computachess 3 15 x 15
CXG Super Computachess 6 20 x 20

The CXG Super Computachess and Multitech CC-009 side-by-side.


CXG Super Computachess 5 20 x 20
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