Debut-M 4 20 x 20
Debut-M 1 15 x 15

This “Debut-M” was manufactured in 1994 in Moscow by a company called Mosenergo Pribor. It is an all-Russian product with a program by Vladimir Rybinkin and Yuri Shpeer, both known for their Pentium PC programs Mirage and Dragon which competed at the World Microcomputer Chess Championships in the early/mid 1990s. The processor is a 16-bit Intel 8086 clone and it has 16 KB of program ROM and 4KB of RAM. It is unlike any other East European chess computer and not obviously a copy of anything manufactured outside Russia in the early 1990s although its size and basic layout is similar to the Fidelity Chess Pal.

The Debut-M has a press sensory board, nine keys, and is easy to operate. It has 10 playing levels 3-5-10-15-30-45-60-90-120-150 minutes per 40 moves. The LCD display gives information on time, evaluation, depth and main move and there are also 16 edge LEDs to indicate the moves. The keys, from left to right, are Info, Move, 2 Players or Human v Computer, Position Mode, Select Piece, Take Back, Level, Halt, and New Game.

I found the Debut-M to be an unpredictable opponent prone to fall into opening traps but often resourceful in the middle game and ending. The previous owner posted some matches on HIARCS forum and in which
Debut-M drew 5-5 with Excalibur Grandmaster (Elo 1840) and lost 4-6 to Mephisto MMII (Elo 1834) at Active Chess (All moves in 30 mins). See the links below which also feature Sergei Frolov’s Debut-M which is one of only two other examples in collections that I am aware of. No doubt more will appear in time.

Sergei Frolovs Debut-M webpage (link)
HIARCS Forum thread on the Debut-M (link) thread on the Debut-M (link)



Press Sensory Tabletop


Vladimir Rybinkin and Yuri Shpeer

Elo Rating

1750 approx


KP1810BM86 (Intel 8086 clone)  16 bit  5.4 MHz(?)


16 Kb ROM    4 KB RAM

Opening Book


Problem Solving

Mate in ?


9V 900mA  5 pin DIN plug


26.0 x 23.0 x 3.7 cm


18.0 x 18.0 cm

King Height


Debut-M 3_edited1
Debut-M 4_edited
Debut-M 5 10 x 10
Debut-M 3 10 x 10
Debut-M 6 10 x 10
Debut-M 7a 15 x 15
Debut-M 5_edited
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