Destiny Mini Master

The Destiny Mini Master is virtually identical to the Destiny Prodigy. The only difference being the lack of the Prodigy lettering below the LED display and the different manual. The Mini Master was the version made for and sold in Germany, and it is difficult to find it anywhere else.

It is an interesting chess computer. Strong and well featured for an early 1980s peg sensory. It contains an improved Morphy program (Wiki Elo 1570). The other main thing that sets it apart is the ability to input moves either by moving the pieces or by keypad entry.

Both versions are reasonably rare. I sense that part of the reason for this is its unreliability. Connection between the keypad and PCB is via a “cable” in the form of a thin plastic sheet which is inclined to split.


Destiny Mini Master  2  20 x 20
Destiny Mini Master  6  20 x 20 Destiny Mini Master  7  20 x 20
Destiny Mini Master  3  20 x 20
Destiny Mini Master  4  20 x 20
Destiny Mini Master  8  20 x 20
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