Elektronika IM - 01 T
Elektronika  11  15 x 15
Elektronika  8  15 x 15

The Elektronika IM - 01 T can be found in a number of collections and several have appeared on Ebay. It was manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992. Elektronika, the brand name, is mainly associated with calculators, computers, watches and video games, many of them reverse engineered clones. IM stands for microprocessor game.

The Elektronika IM - 01T is an upgraded version of the much earlier and rarer Elektronika IM - 01 (link). The buttons and (presumably) their functions remained the same but the program was improved with a seventh level added, all levels having quicker response times. The 01-T has a 16 bit K1801BM1 processor, 2 x 1KB RAM (K1809PY1) and 2 x 4KB ROM (K1809PE1).

A later 1993 version of this chess computer the Elektronika IM-05 can be found at Sergei Frolov’s website (link) and is now also in my collection (here).

Elektronika  12  10 x 10
Elektronika  10  10 x 10
Elektronika  4  20 x 20
Elektronika  7  20 x 20
Elektronika  6  20 x 20

Above left about to deliver checkmate to another Russian.
Bottom left there is a piece compartment at the rear which can instead be used for the power lead. As this needed a little attention I took the back off and had a look. However all the electronics are hidden by a shield. The PCB seems to give scope for expansion at the front?

Pictures of the Elektronika series pcbs are available on Sergei Frolov’s website (link).

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