Explorer Chess
Explorer 1 20x20
Explorer 3 20x20


Portable - Peg Sensory


0609V171 - SciSys bespoke singlechip
(6301V type)  3.6 MHz   8 bit


4KB ROM   128 byte RAM

Opening Book

150 ply


3 x AA batteries


18.8 x 11.6 x 3.8 cm


8.8 x 8.8 cm

King Height

0.9 cm

Explorer 2 20x20
Explorer 4 20x20

For a peg sensory portable this was a well made machine aimed more at stronger hobby players, than the toys market. It was designed by Ian Sinclair (also the designer of the Mark V). The program was written by Dane, Kaare Danielsen who achieved remarkable results in just 4K. It is still thought to be one of the strongest 4K programs in the world. Danielsen had already achieved a number of good results at tournaments with his program Logichess, including 3rd place at the European Microcomputer Chess Championship in London 1981. In the Explorer the program achieves an Elo rating of about 1220 (Wiki) which is a good test for anyone up to weak club standard. It also has the same processor (0609V171 bespoke SciSys singlechip) as the SciSys Chess Companion II, Olympiade, Concord, Mark 8 and Tandy/Radio Shack 1650s. The Explorer sold in good numbers for around 70 (219 DM) back in 1983 / 84. The Travel Sensor model is similar, but with a weaker program.

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