Fidelity Prestige
Fidelity Prestige  4  25 x 25

The Fidelity Prestige is another Classic chess computer from the early 1980s. It used the impressive and beautiful Auto Response Board from AVE Micro Systems, added the LED display that was to be continued through the Elite series, and the latest Spracklen program. The whole package made for the most luxurious and playable  chess computer available at the time. It cost around $1000 in the USA, but 879 in the UK in 1983 (2000 plus at 2008 values).

This Prestige is serial number 216. The number is on the back of the machine, and on the rather unlovely original box, and on the chess piece box. It is complete with the PC16 Book Openings II module, containing an opening book of 16,100 ply, and an openings module cartridge which enables it to use the CB9 and other compatible modules.

Being an early example it has the original program (A in the UK), rather than the Budapest (B) or Glasgow (C) programs which later Prestiges would have had. According to Kurt Kispert’s Rarities section around
1,000 Prestiges were built. My guess is that the majority are ‘Budapests’.

The Prestige you see here came via USA Ebay. The adaptor cartridge was a very generous gift.

Fidelity Prestige  3  20 x 20
Fidelity Prestige  2  20 x 20
Fidelity Prestige  7  15 x 16
Fidelity Prestige Openings  1  10 x 10

Odd Fact -

The Prestige, though wonderfully specified for a 1982 chess computer, has no “built-in” openings book.

It requires an openings module to be inserted into the side port in order to be able to respond from book. Prestiges were sold with the Book Openings II module. I think this is the same as the CB16 which works with the Fidelity Chess Challenger 9, Sensory 12, Elegance and Elite A/S.

 A facility for using other Fidelity modules was provided via an adaptor cartridge. In the photo below left a CB9 openings module is slotted into the adaptor cartridge. Below that is a photo of the complete set of openings modules Chess Encyclopedia A to E which were released in 1984. For the finest chess computer around at the time these were the ultimate indulgence costing 349 DM per module in West Germany. The equivalent of about 1500 GBP the set at 2008 prices.

The adaptor cartridge and A to E are rarely found Prestige accessories.

Fidelity Prestige Openings  2.1  10 x 10
Fidelity Prestige Openings  3  30 x 30
Fidelity Prestige  8  15 x 15 Fidelity Prestige  9  15 x 15
Fidelity Prestige  10  15 x 15

 Needing a larger table, two Fidelity Prestiges in the same place. A rare sight.
SN 216 plays SN 193 in October 2013.

Fidelity Prestige 1 15 x 15
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