Mini Chess
Mini 1 20x20
Mini 2 20x20


Portable - Keypad with LCD display


Hitachi HD44801 singlechip   0.4 MHz   4 Bit


2KB  ROM    64 bytes RAM

Opening Book



1 x 9volt battery


13.7 x 8.5 x 3.0 cm



King Height


SciSys Mini Chess 10 15 x 17
SciSys Mini Chess 12 20 x 20
SciSys Mini Chess 13 15 x 15

Scisys sold many chess computers in the UK under the marketing company name Acetronic.  The Acetronic name was already well known in connection with video games. It made and marketed video games consoles which played games like Pong and Tank Battle from the late 1970s onwards.

In the UK the majority of Mini Chess games were sold in Acetronic sets with the pieces and board. To the left are the  most common versions of Mini Chess found in four European countries -
Schach Computer (SciSys - Germany)
Electronic Chess (Acetronic - UK)
Pocket Chess (AudioSonic - Netherlands) and
Electronic Chess (SciSys - France)
but there are other versions eg Unimex Mini Chess.

In all probability all versions have the same electronics and chess program.

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