Novag Savant Royale
Novag Savant Royale 1 20 x 20 Novag Savant Royale 5 10 x 10
Novag Savant Royale 6.1 20 x 21
Novag Savant Royale 2 20 x 20

Wonderfully innovative but fatally flawed.

There are no properly working Savants left today. The displays contained a chemical powder which formed the chess pieces and this failed, presumably due to contact with air or water after a number of years. So all displays are now fully or mainly blank, like this one, or cloudy and unusable. It is said that some Savants can play chess by showing their moves on a connected printer, but I have not seen this for myself. In my experience Savants neither respond to touchscreen nor buttons.

Many collectors keep an example of the original Savant. A demonstration of nostalgia for a stylish and generously featured machine that had touch screen technology two decades before this became widely available. The Savant II and Savant Royale were sold in much smaller numbers and are rarely found today. The Savant II had an upgraded 32K program including a larger opening book. The Savant Royale also had a faster processor speed.

Novag Savant Royale 4 15 x 15


Tabletop - Touch Screen and Keypad


Z80B cpu   7.5 MHz   8 bit



Opening Book

4,500 ply


8.5V   1.5A


34.2 x 25.0 x 3.5 cm


9.0 x 9.0 cm

King Height


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