Peri Delta

The Peri Delta has the same program and basic electronics as a Fidelity Designer 2100.

In a new venture the Peri toy company, of Scharnstein, Austria,  introduced a range of chess computers  at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in 1989. The emphasis was very much on style and presentation. Three of the range were based on the Fidelity Designer series. An eccentric choice for a makeover in view of the special efforts Fidelity had gone to by hiring an Italian design studio to design the product range in the first place. Most Peri machines seem to have been sold in Austria or Switzerland, although Peri had a distribution network for their puzzles and games in many countries across Europe. Peri’s chess computer venture was a flop.

Peri Deltas are found in only a few known collections and I have only seen this one on Ebay, which makes them rare, possibly bordering on very rare.


Peri Delta  2  15 x 15
Peri Delta  3  15 x 15
Peri Delta  1  10 x 10
Peri Delta  4  10 x 10
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