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The President Chess is a combination of the Superstar housing, Mark VI Sensor Board and an early Julio Kaplan program, possibly a forerunner of the program which went into the Superstar 28K.

This machine was seen in Europe as a prototype during 1982 and 1983, and competed at the 3rd European Microcomputer Championships at the PCW show in London in September 1982, finishing with a respectable 3/7 score. There were persistent  indications that the President Chess was to be released for general sale, with a  price given, but very few made it to market. Indeed, until the one pictured here appeared on Ebay in May 2014, it was thought probable that only prototypes had been produced. The pictured box and manual suggest otherwise.

The difficulties Scisys had in developing the Sensor Board are probably enough reason to explain the delay and final outcome of the project. President Chess was effectively superceded when the Superstar 28K was released in October 1983.

There are known to be at least some still in existence. Karsten Bauermeister, Manfred Vellmer and Steve Blincoe have one in their collection.

For more information on the President Chess (in Dutch and German go to Hein Veldhuis’s excellent website (link).


Tabletop - Auto Sensory


6502A cpu   2 MHz   8 bit



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