Saitek Renaissance Brute Force
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 1 20 x 20
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 4 15 x 15
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 2 15 x 15
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 5 15 x 15
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 8 10 x 10
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 7 10 x 10
Saitek Renaissance Brute Force 6 10 x 10

Brute Force is a program module which works with Saitek Renaissance, Galileo and Leonardo auto-sensory boards. It does not have a display itself and is therefore best paired with the Renaissance which has an LCD dot matrix chessboard and information display. A combination of Renaissance board and Brute Force module cost 569 in 1993.

The Brute Force module first appeared in late 1992, part of the Saitek assault on the top end market which also included the Risc 2500 and Sparc module. Frans Morsch, of Fritz fame, wrote the program, which runs on a H8 processor at 10 MHz. The Brute Force gains over other Saitek H8 equipped products of the time (eg GK2000 and President) due to the comparatively large amounts of RAM available for hash tables. With only a 32 KB ROM the program is otherwise unsophisticated, but fast and tactically powerful. Larry Kaufman in Chess Computer Reports found that Brute Force scored well on tactical problems but failed to solve any of his five knowledge-testing problems.

Thirty-two extra levels are provided by Brute Force over the standard Renaissance/Galileo/Leonardo program. One of these extra levels covers all moves in 30 minutes. With its tactical ability Brute Force is set up to do well at Active Chess.

One additional function, useful for the early 1990s, was the ability to connect the Renaissance to a PC, and thereby work with Chessbase to play through games and analyse using a real chess board rather than the PC screen.


Auto Sensory Tabletop


Frans Morsch

Elo Rating



H8  16 bit   10 MHz  (Brute Force module)


32 Kb ROM   257 Kb RAM  (including 256 Kb Hash Tables)

Opening Book

100,000 ply (KSO library) + 4,000 ply programmable

Book Choice


Playing Mode Choice

Brute Force/Selective + 8 Handicap levels

Problem Solving

Mate in 20


10V  1.5A  positive centre  or  4 ‘C’ batteries (non module use)


52.0 x 52.0 x 6.0 cm


38.0 x 38.0 cm

King Height

9.7 cm

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