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Auto Sensory Chess Computers - DGT Revelation II, Mephisto Munchen Vancouver London,
Mephisto Exclusive Polgar (still available), SciSys Leonardo (with Maestro A 6Mhz module)

Rare - Splice Byte XD-300, SciSys Chess Partner 6000

Other Tabletop Chess Computers - Fidelity Excel Mach III, Applied Concepts Great Game Machine
(with Capablanca and Gruenfeld modules)
Fidelity Avanti (still available)

Portable Chess Computers - Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard

                Accessories - Gruenfeld S module, Mephisto HG170 module, SciSys Concord Metal Pieces

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DGT Revelation II with Emulations

This Revelation II was bought in 2013 directly from Ruud Martin of Phoenix Chess Systems. It’s serial number is 010020. It is  updated to the latest firmware version 3.25F as shown in the photo below.

It is an auto sensory piece recognition chess computer which contains a wide range of selectable chess programs with the possibility of downloading other chess programs via the internet.

This Revelation II has been lightly used but you can see eighteen games it played in my Strong tournament on this webpage (link). On that webpage there is also some background information about the project that has resulted in this Rolls Royce of all chess computers.

The Revelation II for sale is in excellent fully working condition. It comes complete with the carry bag and protective cloth cover, Classic chesspiece set, adaptor, and the computer board manual and emulations manual all as shown.

Price - 1,500          SOLD


DGT Revelation II 14 20 x 20
DGT Revelation II 2 20 x 20
DGT Revelation II 6 10 x 10
DGT Revelation II 3 20 x 20
DGT Revelation II 10 10 x 10
DGT Revelation II 4 20 x 20
DGT Revelation II 7 10 x 10
DGT Revelation II 5 20 x 20
DGT Revelation II 8 10 x 10
DGT Revelation II 9 10 x 10
DGT Revelation II 15 20 x 20


The photo above shows that the full set of 24 emulations available for a Revelation II are all loaded. These include three licensed David Kittinger Novag programs  and the program from the III-S Glasgow which are only available on this machine because of ownership of the chess computers concerned.

The emulations loaded are :-

RSC - Saitek Risc 2500
MON - Mephisto Montreux
G21 - Gideon
K22 - Tasc R30 (The King) v.2.2
K23 - Tasc R30 (The King) v.2.3
K25 - Tasc R30 (The King) v.2.5

REB - Mephisto Rebell
M40 - Mephisto MMIV
M50 - Mephisto MMV (v.5.0)
M51 - Mephisto MMV (v.5.1)
POL - Mephisto Polgar
P10 - Mephisto Polgar 10MHz

SEB - Novag Super Expert B
SEC - Novag Super Expert C
GLA - Mephisto III-S Glasgow
AMS - Mephisto Amsterdam
DAL  - Mephisto Dallas
ROM - Mephisto Roma

DIA - Novag Diablo
ALM - Mephisto Almeria
POR - Mephisto Portorose
LYO - Mephisto Lyon
VAN - Mephisto Vancouver
LON - Mephisto London


The native chess engines in this Revelation II are :-

Shredder 12.1
The Baron 1.0 (PC version 2.23)
Rybka 2.2
Toga 1.0 and 1.2
Fruit 2.1 and 2.5
Ruffian 2.1
Stockfish 6.0


DGT Revelation II 16 15 x 16
DGT Revelation II 171 20 x 22

The front face of the machine has a light scrape which is shown in the photo (left).



Mephisto Munchen Vancouver London

Vancouver modules for the Mephisto boards date from 1991. Here the 16-bit version is in a Munchen tournament sized chessboard (50 x 50 cm) and includes the 1996 London program update. In this configuration the chess computer’s Elo rating is 2127 according to Selective Search and 2182 for Active Chess ( processor runs at 12 MHz, there is 128 KB of program ROM, 512 KB RAM, and a 180,000 ply opening book.

The chess computer for sale is fully working and in good condition. There are no lightspots and only minor signs of use including a small scratch between the d and e files. It comes with the original set of chesspieces, manual and HGN 5004A adaptor (Euro type).

Price - 400        SOLD


Mephisto Munchen Vancouver  1 20 x 20
Mephisto Munchen Vancouver  2 15 x 15
Mephisto Munchen Vancouver  7 15 x 15
Mephisto Munchen Vancouver  3.1 20 x 21 Mephisto Munchen Vancouver  4.1 20 x 20


Mephisto Exclusive Polgar  1 20 x 20

Mephisto Exclusive Polgar

Ed Schroeder’s Polgar program must be one of the most successful for the Mephisto range of boards. It is strong, with a Elo rating of 1963 (Selective Search), is full of useful features and drives an informative 32 digit LCD display. It is excellent for club players seeking to improve their game. You can set the approximate Elo strength you want to play against from 1200-2000. It can calculate your Elo level based on results. It will display the opening variation being played and there are clever analysis functions too.

For sale are the 5MHz Polgar modules in an autosensory Exclusive board. Included is the original packaging, copy manual in English and HGN 5001 adaptor all as shown in the photos. It is fully working and in very good condition throughout.

Price - 300


Mephisto Exclusive Polgar  3 15 x 15 Mephisto Exclusive Polgar  7 20 x 20
Mephisto Exclusive Polgar  5 12 x 13 Mephisto Exclusive Polgar  4 15 x 15


SciSys Leonardo
and optional Maestro A 6MHz module

You can read all about the Leonardo and the Maestro module in my SciSys section (here).

This Leonardo is in good condition, fully working with feint lightspots. It comes with the chesspieces shown and copy English manuals. It works from the supplied HGN 5001/5009 adaptor (Euro plug) or 4 ‘C’ batteries (not supplied).

The Maestro module is an A 6MHz example(program A29B, 6 MHz quartz) and includes the KSO openings chip which contains 36,000 half moves. See photos below.

Leonardo Price (without Maestro) = 125

Maestro module Price = 150

Leonardo + Maestro = 250     SOLD


SciSys Leonardo  3 20 x 20
SciSys Leonardo  4 15 x 15
SciSys Leonardo  1 15 x 15
SciSys Leonardo  7 20 x 20
SciSys Leonardo  5 10 x 10
SciSys Leonardo  6 15 x 15


Splice Byte XD-300

The Splice Byte is a very rare Brazilian chess computer, a clone of the Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 (CC7). Probably the only chess computer model ever to be manufactured in Brazil. They were made in 1982 and included a copy of the Ron Nelson CC7 program. The oo-oo display (bottom photo) revealing its origins.

This one is in original condition, fully working  with some signs of wear as shown in the photos. It comes with the box, original chesspieces and piece box, original manuals (in Portugese, a CC7 manual in English can be provided), and with a suitable adaptor (Euro plug).

Price - 125      SOLD


Splice Byte XD-300 1 20 x 20
Splice Byte XD-300 3 50 x 50
Splice Byte XD-300 4 20 x 20
Splice Byte XD-300 2 15 x 15

SciSys Chess Partner 6000

The Chess Partner 6000 is surprisingly rare. Until 2008 there were no examples in collections published on the internet, nor to my knowledge had anyone in the chess computer community actually seen one. You can read more about it in an article by chess computer historian Hein Veldhuis (link).

Like the other SciSys Chess Partners, the Chess Partner 6000 is a simple machine of very limited strength and features intended for the mass market. It boasts only four levels of play and a press sensory board. In common with several other SciSys models it uses a Hitachi HD44801 4 bit singlechip running at 0.4 MHz with 2KB of program ROM and 64 bytes of RAM and Mark Taylor’s (+David Levy) 4 bit chess program.

The Chess Partner 6000 for sale is in good fully working condition. It comes with the box, chess pieces and copy manual and uses 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Price - 30       SOLD


SciSys Chess Partner 6000 5 10 x 10
Splice Byte XD-300 3 15 x 15
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 1 15 x 16
SciSys Chess Partner 6000 2 15 x 16


Fidelity Excel Mach III  3 20 x 20

Fidelity Excel Mach III Master  (model 6098)

The Excel Mach III is a classic chess computer of the late 1980s. It has the same program, processor etc as the Elite Avant Garde v.2 with  Elo ratings of 1983 (Selective Search) and 2043 (at Active Chess).

The chess computer for sale is fully working and in very good condition, with only minor signs of use. It comes with the box, chesspieces and copy manual. It runs off four ‘C’ batteries or adaptor (not supplied).

Offers invited    SOLD


Fidelity Excel Mach III  6 10 x 10
Fidelity Excel Mach III  5 20 x 20
Fidelity Excel Mach III  1 20 x 20


Great Game Machine  2 20 x 20

Applied Concepts Great Game Machine
and optional Gruenfeld and Capablanca modules

You can read about the Great Game Machine here (link).

The chess computer for sale is fully working and in good condition, with only minor signs of use. However it does have a feint display which will not suit everyone, hence the low asking price. It comes with the Morphy module, chesspieces, adaptor (Euro type) and a Morphy Encore manual.

The GGM can be purchased with (or without) Gruenfeld and Capablanca opening and endgame modules to complete the “Master Series” trio. The modules are fully working and come with copy manuals.

GGM with both modules  Price - 125    SOLD


Gruenfeld and Capablanca 3 15 x 15 Gruenfeld and Capablanca 4 15 x 15
Great Game Machine  3 15 x 16


Fidelity Avanti   (model 6137)

The Avanti was the last Fidelity badged model to be produced. Made in 1992 in the  Hegener & Glaser factory in Hong Kong it has a press sensory board and a Ron Nelson program. It is essentially the same machine as the Mephisto Avanti and a very close relative of the Fidelity Chess Mate (1178 Elo at Active Chess) and Mephisto Alaska.

The Fidelity Avanti for sale is fully working and in very good condition. It comes with the box, chesspieces and manual, all as shown. It works from four AAA batteries (not supplied).

Price - 20   


Fidelity Avanti  1 10 x 11
Fidelity Avanti  2 20 x 20


Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard  1 20 x 20

Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard

For information on  this tiny chess computer you cannot do better than  read Nick Milichev’s webpage (link).

The Einstein for sale is in full working order and very good condition. It comes with the manual and the necessary batteries inside.

Price - 10    SOLD


Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard  2 15 x 16


Gruenfeld S 3 25 x 25
Mephisto HG170  1 20 x 21 Mephisto HG170  2 20 x 21

Applied Concepts Gruenfeld S openings module

The Gruenfeld S module is a significant improvement on the original Gruenfeld openings module for the Great Game Machine and Modular Game System. In 12KB ROM it contains 12,500 half moves including transpositions (6,000 original Gruenfeld). There are 600 variants of 40 opening systems up to 48 half moves in depth (average 22 ply).

The Gruenfeld S for sale is in full working order. It comes with the box, keypad overlay, copy manual and additional information shown.

Price - 75      SOLD


Gruenfeld S 2.1 15 x 17

Mephisto HG170 module

This is an openings module for the Mephisto Modular and early Exclusive boards (those which can work from batteries). It is for use in conjunction with the MMI program module and therefore harks back to the earliest days of chess computer expansion modules. Outside Germany these modules seem to be few and far between, hence the asking price.

The HG170 contains 1000 main and minor opening variations and is tested as working on the basis of the slower speed of response (2 seconds) as per the manual. The red dot helps show where the module fits into the underside of a Modular board.

The HG170 for sale is in good working order and good condition. It comes with the copy manual (in German).

Price - 60       SOLD


Mephisto HG170  3 20 x 20


SciSys Concord chesspieces 1 20 x 20

SciSys Concord Metal Chesspieces

The SciSys Concord was unique in being sold with well made die-cast metal chesspieces presented in a plastic case. Pieces in effect weighted with felts. An extraordinary addition to a plastic chess computer !

The black pieces don’t retain their black paint very well but no Concord owner should be without a set.

Price - 20       SOLD


Concord 9 15 x 15


All of the chess computers for sale are 100% fully functioning, unless specifically stated.
If a problem arises which is not referred to above I will either refund the full purchase price or sort out some mutually satisfactory outcome with you.

The prices quoted do not include the cost of shipping, which in Western Europe is typically between 15 (for small items) and 30 (for large boards). Less within the UK. Shipping to distant parts of the World eg South America can be two or three times those amounts.

Generous discounts for buying several items are available. Please ask.
Payment in pounds via Paypal favoured.

If you are interested in any of these chess computers please contact me at -

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