SciSys Electronic  Chess. The Caravelle
SciSys Electronic Chess 4 20x20
SciSys Electronic Chess 1 30x30
SciSys Electronic Chess 2 15x15

The SciSys Electronic Chess was released in three versions. It is mostly seen with a MK 10 suffix. There is a UK/German version of the MK  10 which was released in 1984 with a white box, and a USA version released in late 1983 or early 1984 which has a black box. The chess computers themselves appear identical. See here for details (link).

However there is also a rarely seen French version, which is more colourful. This is the version which you see on this webpage. It is believed that it was called the ‘Caravelle’ by SciSys when new models were announced by European Marketing Manager Andrew Page  in early 1985. However, as released, there is no reference to that name or indeed to the MK 10. It is merely called ‘Electronic Chess’ on the chess computer, box and in the manual.

Having relied in the past, for my SciSys survey, on other people’s Caravelle photos and information I acquired my own Caravelle in November 2020. German collector and fellow website author Peter Haupert spotted one on the popular French Gumtree equivalent ‘Leboncoin’ and was very kind to let me know about it. As Leboncoin is normally French only, the seller from Avignon must have been surprised to have an Englishman suddenly offering more than his own optimistic price. Many thanks for your help, Peter!

The mysterious Caravelle is the subject of a webpage by Hein Veldhuis (link). It is also featured on the ChessEval website of  Professor Maurice Ohayon who has the largest chess computer collection that I have heard of. Around 900 not counting doubles! Here are the links to the two articles Caravelle 1 and Caravelle 2 on ChessEval (link1)(link2).

The Caravelle is most definitely rare
, but like many chess computers limited to release in only one or two countries it is difficult to gauge just how many there may be. Exceptionally rare outside France, but if you are in France.....?


Tabletop - Press Sensory


Hitachi HD44868 singlechip   0.6 MHz   4 Bit


5KB  ROM    80 bytes RAM

Opening Book



3 x AA batteries  (1000 hours)


23.8 x 23.8 x 2.0 cm


16.0 x 16.0 cm

King Height

3.9 cm

SciSys Electronic Chess 3 15x15
SciSys Electronic Chess 5 20x20
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