Splice Byte XD 300
Splice Byte  11  30 x 30

The Splice Byte XD 300 is a Brazilian clone of the Fidelity Chess Challenger 7. It was manufactured in 1982. Brazilian companies were protected from imports at that time and so there was a tendency to copy technology from overseas and put a Made In Brazil sticker on it.

From tests Ismenio Sousa and I carried out there appeared to be no difference between the Byte XD 300 program and that of the CC7. A match between two Byte XD 300s can be found here (link).

Even most Brazilian chess computer enthusiasts had not heard of this machine when Ismenio triumphantly brought one back from somewhere deep in the Amazon Basin. Since then a few others have been spotted including this one, which is now in my collection. However the Splice Byte XD 300 is still a very rare chess computer.


Splice Byte  12  30 x 30

Below a Splice Byte brought back to working order by Arno Kreuzberg. The voltage regulator and other components do not always take kindly to European power supplies.

Splice Byte  8  25 x 25
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