Turbo 16K
Turbo 16K 1 20x20
Turbo 16K 3 20x20
Turbo 16K 4 20x20
Turbo 16K 2 20x20
Turbo 16K 5 20x20


Tabletop - Touch Sensory


Hitachi 6301Y cpu   12 MHz   8 bit


16KB ROM   256 bytes RAM

Opening Book

5000 ply


8V  100 mA   2.1 mm plug positive centre
or  4 x C batteries (250 hours)


37.1 x 24.3 x 3.3 cm


20.0 x 20.0 cm

King Height

4.7 cm

On Hein Veldhuis’s website (link) you can see a photo and read about the Turbo 16K prototype which was shown at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in February 1985. At the time it was assumed that this was a final product but as you will see the Turbo 16K changed quite dramatically between February and the end of 1985 when it was released. These rapid changes of product were typical of the chess computer market of the mid-1980s.







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