Turbo 16K
Turbo 16K 1 20x20
Turbo 16K 3 20x20
Turbo 16K 4 20x20
Turbo 16K 2 20x20
Turbo 16K 5 20x20


Tabletop - Touch Sensory


Hitachi 6301Y cpu   12 MHz   8 bit


16KB ROM   256 bytes RAM

Opening Book

5000 ply


8V  100 mA   2.1 mm plug positive centre
or  4 x C batteries (250 hours)


37.1 x 24.3 x 3.3 cm


20.0 x 20.0 cm

King Height

4.7 cm

On Hein Veldhuis’s website (link) you can see a photo and read about the Turbo 16K prototype which was shown at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in February 1985. At the time it was assumed that this was a final product but as you will see the Turbo 16K changed quite dramatically between February and the end of 1985 when it was released. These rapid changes of product were a feature of the chess computer market of the mid-1980s.







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